A Guide For Procrastinating Bloggers

Deandra James
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In an eBook filled with almost 30 pages of information and tips, Deandra understands the struggle when it comes to procrastination and how it can hold you back, which is why she decided to write this eBook. Being a blogger and content creator herself, she knows how important and crucial time is and how it shouldn't be wasted. She also knows how hard it is to fight the battle, but this guide shows you that there's hope and you can win the battle!

This eBook will provide you: 

- A seven-part plan/guide

- Almost 30 pages of information and tips

- Motivational quotes along the way to keep you going

- A look into the mental side of procrastination 

- Confidence knowing you can do this

  • Size
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  • Length
    30 pages
  • Size2.02 MB
  • Length30 pages
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A Guide For Procrastinating Bloggers

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